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Two generations, one family. Pioneering education in rural India

Guided by the principles of Swami Vivekanand, Krishnam Raju Mantena started the journey in 1960 in a small village of Alkapuram. He dedicated his life to education of the poor. His son, Dr Narsaraju Mantena emerged as a beacon of continuity and dramatically built on the legacy.

Digital Literacy

Empower every child with the fundamentals of coding, laying the groundwork for a future in the burgeoning software industry.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Offer an inclusive learning environment that transcends traditional barriers, ensuring that every eager mind in Alkapuram can grasp these vital digital skills.

Future Job Preparedness

Prepare learners for the employment landscape of tomorrow by equipping them with entry-level software skills, giving them a head-start in a fast-paced industry.

Continuing a Legacy

Carry forward the Mantenas' vision of education, adapting to the modern era by providing practical, software-oriented training that can radically improve quality of life.

The Seeds of Change

Mr. Krishnam Mantena

In the small village of Alkapuram, nestled within the heartlands of Andhra Pradesh, a revolutionary story of educational transformation takes root. Here, Krishnam Raju Mantena, an extraordinary individual, looked upon a community primarily composed of farmers and laborers, and saw something missing - a 'complete education'.

At a time when finishing the 12th grade was deemed unnecessary in this agricultural backdrop, Krishnam Mantena dared to challenge this perspective. His belief? A full education opened the doors to new horizons and was a catalyst for dramatically enhancing one's quality of life. Manifesting his ideals into action, Mantena founded a junior college and college in Alkapuram, sowing the seeds for an educational renaissance in the village.

The Legacy Continues

Dr. Narsaraju Mantena

Dr. Mantena has been a beacon of continuity for the school and college set up by his father.

He resonated deeply with his father's mission and has been instrumental to the growth of the school and college

As a board certified anesthesiologist, he practiced in the US for 26 years before moving to India as the President and Board member of NRI Academy of Medical Sciences.

He has been an inspiration behind setting up 5000 kids and is an integral part of the program.

The Modern Shift

Shift towards technology

As the winds of technological advancement swept across the globe, the software industry burgeoned, marking the advent of new opportunities. Narsaraju Mantena saw this as a golden chance to further refine the educational standards in Alkapuram. His response to this shift led to the creation of '5000 Kids' - a unique program designed to equip young adults with the foundational knowledge of coding languages. The objective? Preparing them for jobs in the rapidly growing field of software.

The inspiring tale continues

As we stand today, the story of the Mantenas - a tale of two generations pioneering education in rural India - continues to inspire. From opening a college in a small village to embracing the wave of digital education, they continue to navigate towards a future where every child has access to a complete education.